4 Tips to Help Maintain Your Maine Lawn During The Summer 

watering lawn with sprinkler

Are you one of the lucky Maine homeowners who get to enjoy a beautiful green lawn during the summer? If so, you'll want to make sure to take care of it properly so that it stays looking its best. 

Maintaining your lawn during the summer can be a challenge. Between the excessive heat and the pests, it can be hard to keep your Maine lawn looking its best. 

Fortunately, you can do a few things to make it easier. Here are four tips that will help you maintain your yard during the summer.

1. Water the grass

Surprisingly, the lawn care tip that’s often overlooked is the importance of watering early in the day. Many people assume it is better to water in the evening, but this can lead to both evaporation and fungal growth. 

Watering early in the day allows the water to get deep into the soil and stimulates deep root growth, which certainly helps to maintain a healthy lawn during the hot summer months. 

In addition, watering in the morning gives the grass a chance to dry off before nightfall, which helps to prevent fungal growth. As a result, watering early in the day is one of the best summer tips for your lawn

2. Create a regular mowing schedule

As the weather heats up, it's important to take care of your lawn to ensure it stays green and healthy all summer. Another important lawn care tip is to mow regularly and at the proper height. 

When grass is too short, it's more susceptible to drought and disease. Conversely, if you let your grass grow too long, it’ll be more difficult to mow and can lead to thatch build-up. 

The ideal height for most lawn grasses is 2-3 inches. Following this lawn care tip ensures your lawn stays green and healthy all summer long.

3. Use a summertime lawn fertilizer

The best lawn fertilizer for summer is one that is high in nitrogen. Nitrogen helps to promote green growth, so it’s ideal for use during the growing season. 

However, nitrogen can also be leached from the soil by water, so it’s essential to apply it early in the season and allow it to be absorbed by the roots before watering. 

Late summer and early fall are ideal times to fertilize your lawn, as the weather is typically warm and dry, and the grass is still actively growing. 

4. Avoid mowing during drought

Lawns are comprised of grasses, which are shallow-rooted plants. During drought, these roots can become stressed due to a lack of moisture. 

If the lawn is mowed during this time, it can cause further stress to the roots, damaging the grass and making it more susceptible to disease. Additionally, mowing the lawn during a drought can increase the chance of scalping, which is when the mower's blades remove too much of the grass. 

To avoid these problems, we recommend only mowing the lawn when it is moist and avoiding mowing during periods of drought stress. Following these summer lawn care tips can help ensure a healthy lawn all summer long.

It’s not too late to get your lawn in shape for the summer. And if you need help caring for the perfect Southern Maine lawn, Prime Cut Landscaping is here to help.

For help in the greater Buxton, Maine area with your landscaping needs, contact us at Prime Cut Landscaping & Lawn Care today!

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