5 Helpful Tips for Combatting Snow & Ice On Your Maine Lawn This Winter

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Maine winters can be harsh, and the snow and ice that come with them can damage your lawn if you’re not careful. 

Here are five tips for combatting snow and ice this winter to ensure your property stays healthy and beautiful. 

1. Use Rock Salt Wisely

Rock salt is an effective way to melt away the ice on your sidewalk or driveway, but it should be used sparingly on your lawn. Too much salt can cause damage to the surrounding soil, so make sure to use a small amount of rock salt when treating icy patches in your yard. 

2. Minimize Foot Traffic

A blanket of snow may appear solid and secure, but your grass blades can still be fragile underneath. Compacting or walking on the snow-covered grass can cause root damage, leaving your lawn susceptible to fungal diseases when the snow melts. 

To avoid this potential issue, try to keep off the grass — it will help preserve your existing grassroots and ensure that the snow stays light and melts faster. Sticking to hardscape walkways can save you a lot of hassle in spring clean-up!

3. Spread Mulch 

Applying a layer of mulch over bare patches of soil in the winter is one of the best ways to protect against snow and ice damage. The mulch insulates the ground beneath it, preventing frost from forming in areas where you don’t want it and providing additional nutrients for grass growth as soon as spring arrives.  

4. Water Before Freezing Temperatures

Watering your lawn right before freezing temperatures arrive is a great way to give it an extra layer of protection against winter weather conditions like snow and ice. Ensure to water thoroughly, but not excessively; too much water can lead to mold growth which can cause further damage down the line. 

5. Aerate Your Soil

Aerating your soil helps prevent compaction by loosening up tightly packed soils, allowing air and moisture to penetrate easier during extreme weather conditions like heavy rains or blizzards with high winds and large amounts of precipitation. 

Regular aeration also helps promote better root growth which helps keep grass healthy all year round, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us!  

Keeping your Maine lawn safe from snow and ice isn't always easy, but with these five tips, you'll have everything you need to fight back against winter weather conditions this season! 

From using rock salt wisely to spreading mulch over bare patches of soil, you can take plenty of simple steps today that will help keep your lawn healthy throughout every season this year!

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