6 Questions to Ask Yourself About a Prospective Lawn Care Service Company


Hiring a lawn service can be very unnerving. There are plenty of unprofessional lawn services out there, and the list can be difficult to "weed" through (pun intended). Plus, if you don’t know what to ask, it’s hard to find the right fit.

When you hire a landscaping company, you’re hiring experience and expertise. You’re hiring professionals who work with lawns and landscaping every day, and you want to trust that they’ll know how to fix any issues or problems your lawn is having.

Since it can be so challenging to find the right lawn care service, we’re making your lawn care interview that much easier with six important questions to ask.

1. Does the company have reviews? 

Nowadays, every business has reviews somewhere online. Look up the company and see if you can find reviews — whether they’re on Google, social media, or a review website like Angi. 

Also, don’t discount word of mouth. Ask your local friends and neighbors for lawn services reviews. You’ll likely get a very straightforward and truthful review.

Review from Joan in Saco about Prime Cut Landscaping

2. Are they licensed and insured?

Licensed and insured owners are often vested in their business. They aren't trying to get rich quick and this isn't a side hustle; it’s a serious business. 

The biggest reason this is an important question is if something were to happen to your property by accident, you are likely responsible for covering the cost. Also, if someone on the landscaping crew was to get injured while providing you service, you may be liable to cover their medical bill. 

3. Will you have to sign a contract?

It's not uncommon for a lawn care services company to ask you to sign a contract for a certain period of time. If this is the case, see if you can purchase a trial service or find out their policy if you aren't satisfied with their service. Ask if there is a cancellation policy.

4. What is their customer service like?

Customer service is a deal-breaker. While you may not be the landscaping company’s only customer, you should still get a high level of service. Some companies are unorganized, and because of that, their customer service struggles. 

You’ll quickly get a sense of customer service throughout the sales process. So make your calls and get a quote to see how the lawn care service will handle customer care.

Professional customer service from Prime Cut Landscaping

5. How reliable is the landscaping company?

Speaking of customer service, our next question deals with paying attention to how reliable a lawn care company will be. Many customers complain that companies disappear after a month or two of service, leaving you scrambling to find another service or doing it yourself.

Follow up with question #3 concerning contracts: what happens should there be an issue with service? Is there a cancellation policy?

6. What do you need or want from your lawn care service?

Mowing, weeding, fertilizing, irrigation, and trimming are only a few potential landscaping needs. Consider what you (and your lawn) need the most help with. 

Most importantly: what do you want to offload to someone else, and what are you ok handling yourself? Remember that professional landscaping companies will also be able to look at your lawn and help you answer what your lawn needs.

By asking yourself these six questions, you’ll be that much closer to finding a reliable, professional lawn care company that will take great care of your yard.

Interested in how we stack up to these questions? If you’re looking for landscaping services in the greater Buxton, Maine area, contact us at Prime Cut Landscaping & Lawn Care today. We’d love to answer all six questions for you!

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