Fertilizing Your Lawn in the Fall: What You Need To Know

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To fertilize or not to fertilize: that is the question. 

If it's fall, then the short answer? Absolutely. 

But why should you fertilize in the fall?

We’re so glad you asked.

While it may feel contradictory to fertilize in autumn because lawns significantly slow their growth in colder climates, there are plenty of good reasons to continue fertilizing into the cooler months.

Feeding your grass with the rich nutrients they crave will help roots gain strength, ensuring not only they’re surviving into spring, but they’re thriving.

Above and beyond the fall maintenance steps that you’ve already taken, fertilizing your lawn every fall will:

  • Allow fertilizer to reach the roots
  • Allow for better absorption
  • Fuel up before winter
  • Support better roots for spring

Fertilizing in fall will reach the roots.

With snow and ice covering the ground all winter long in Maine, it makes sense that you wouldn’t worry about fertilizing throughout the cold months. 

Even before the snow falls, the first freeze will mean the ground is too hard for fertilizer to penetrate it to give your grass the helpful nutrients. That means it’s important to fertilize by the end of October in Maine at the latest, so fertilizer reaches the grass roots.

Fertilizing in fall allows for better absorption.

In most climates, the precipitation in the fall (including the morning dew) will help any fertilizer on your lawn absorb even better into the ground.

Fertilizing in fall helps your lawn fuel up before winter.

Just as hibernating bears eat as much as they can prior to winter, the root system for grass and other plants acts as a storehouse for nutrients. Feeding the grass with fertilizer before winter starts will give them a great start to the season.

Fertilizing in fall supports better roots for the spring.

Good fertilizers support healthy grass root growth. A lawn that has deep-reaching roots will be able to nourish and hydrate itself even better than that with shallow roots. 

This will not only help your grass better survive a harsh Maine winter, but any potential droughts through the warmer months. What’s more is it means you’ll have a far more lush, rich lawn too!

No matter what the season, your lawn can be the best looking around. Now that you know how important it is to fertilize your grass every fall, make sure it’s a priority this season.

For help with fertilizing this fall in the greater Buxton, Maine area, contact us at Prime Cut Landscaping & Lawn Care today!

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