What’s Included with Maine Residential Lawn Mowing Services?

What's Included with Maine Residential Lawn Mowing Services?

With spring just a few short weeks away, you might be in the market for a Maine lawn mowing service near you. 

Here at the Prime Cut, we offer weekly mowing and trimming services so that you no longer have to worry about the lawn yourself. If you are in need of a grass cutting service that will leave you with a pristine lawn that you’ll be proud of, look no further than Prime Cut Landscaping.

What’s included with Maine residential lawn mowing services?

The following is our standard lawn mowing service package that will leave you with a yard you can be proud of. We also offer additional residential lawn care and maintenance packages that we’re happy to discuss with you upon our initial walk-through of your property. 

1. Professional Mowing

A fresh, clean mowing job is completed weekly throughout the summer months, with sharp blades to ensure an even cut every time. Our professional mowers have been caring for lawns for years and know what it takes to care for your property.

2. Edging

The details are key when it comes to a beautifully manicured lawn. That’s why we finish each mowing job with lawn edging around your driveway and any sidewalks where the lawn meets. 

3. Weed Whacking 

We also weed whack the areas our lawnmowers are unable to reach, including ditches and hedges. Additionally, we use the weed whacker to clean up the uncut areas so that your yard looks polished and refined.

4. Leaf Blowing 

We’ll finish by blowing off grass clipping, leaves, and any other debris off all hard surfaces. This step is vital, as we pride ourselves on leaving your lawn looking clean and fresh.

5. Lawn Examination

While we’re working on your lawn, we always do a quick examination and give you a detailed report of any necessary maintenance needed for your lawns to keep a healthy look. Whether it’s aerating, fertilization, or pruning, we’ll be able to help give your lawn what it needs to thrive.

For help in the greater Buxton, Maine area with your landscaping needs, look no further than Prime Cut Landscaping & Lawn Care. Contact us today to learn more about residential lawn mowing for your home!

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